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The road to Journey Junkies began for Kyle and Jessie when they crossed paths for the first time in 2013. Born travelers, the two began racking up an impressive amount of miles around the country and globe, and made the most of every experience along the way. Journey Junkies was started after a trip to Europe in 2016. The two made their first camera purchase prior to that trip and took full advantage. After returning and printing the photos for their own enjoyment, friends and family began to request photos for their own decor.

Both having an entrepreneurial spirit, the two began their plan to turn a passion into a profession. Fast forward to 2018, the duo has expanded to include all kinds of photography and continue to travel. Having shed the restraints of their corporate jobs, the two can be found shooting photography sessions in their Deep Ellum studio in Dallas, or wheeling about the country in their travel trailer. Read more about their individual stories below, or hop to our blog to see where we’re heading next.

Jessie Mead

Filled with wanderlust from birth, Jessie has never known a stationary lifestyle. Born in Japan and raised between Alaska and Texas (along with numerous other states), she has had a taste for adventure her entire life. She became an artist at an early age, painting and playing music throughout her education. Jessie has been practicing photography since college, alongside earning multiple degrees and certifications. She views photography similar to painting, aiming to create an expressionistic image with every click of the shutter.

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Kyle Schlotfelt

Born and raised in a small Kansas town, Kyle gained a love for travel at an early age. He attended college in Kansas and began his post-college career there before relocating to Texas in 2013. Kyle spent years in e-commerce management before joining forces with Jessie and launching Journey Junkies in 2015. Kyle pilots the Journey Junkies rig while out on the road, and authors the content presented on the Journey Junkies blog. Kyle has been photographing since high school and views photography as a vehicle for sharing expression, aiming to capture personality in every photo.

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